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Dec 24, 2012 1:05am EST
electronic voting will be one of these overnight major election shifts, not a gradual buildup. i also think we have missed the online website version of that. part because it has not shown its reliable and secure. there is a very rapid emerging -- i think it will sweep through the country similarly with your cellphone is essentially part of your identity for processing. >> there will be some experimentation -- it will be lots of little elections and all of a sudden it will hit a major state or national. every state will have to have it. at that point we will see the tipping point. >> not that i would disagree with any of this, but i do think one of the differences is that identity in that form can only be given by government. there are lots of identities that can be given by your bank. if you look at sweden -- a deputized their banks so that they were sort of in lieu of government. you got a credential that the government would recognize. there may be ways to do that. >> we have seen precedent for that with electronic benefit transfer. they use the power of the reserve and deputize th
Dec 23, 2012 10:05pm EST
house. he would get an absolute majority and would not be elected speaker in the first round. >> robert williams says that we need to cut spending. sequestration was a democratic deal. deal with it. guest: i would call that a deal between the republican congress and president. the whole point of sequestration, if we remember, was not to have to take effect. the point was to have such a bad outcome that the super committee that was created in the august 2011 debt ceiling deal be so afraid of the sequestration that they would reach a bipartisan compromise that would reduce deficits by the same amount that sequestration was expected to, but in a much more balanced and sensible way. democrats and republicans were unable to reach an agreement and that is why you have this sequestration. sequestration was never intended to be policy. it was intended to be so bad and foolish than democrats and republicans would be forced to agree to something. obviously, that calculation perhaps mistook the level of disagreement there was between republicans and democrats on this issue. host: stan collender an
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2